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5 Job Skills That You Should Inspire And Promote In Your Business

These are the skills that you need to promote in your team for 2022

This year will be a new one, and we need to set new objectives in order to meet new demands. It is important to be flexible in adapting to new social situations, where technology is the dominant protagonist.

The workplace is being digitalized and we must take advantage of this by being innovative and competitive.

We chose these practices because they are essential for a successful year.

Social Intelligence

It’s about being able to empathize with others and to communicate clearly. It is about connecting in a deeper and more direct way, stimulating desired reactions and interactions.

Professionals must be able read emotions and adapt to the needs of others when dealing with people from diverse backgrounds. What way? His tone of voice, gestures, and words.

Aiming to communicate effectively and build a stronger relationship with others. As an example, Ronald Reagan is a good example of Social Intelligence. American President Ronald Reagan was a brilliant communicator. His jokes and natural empathy were able to win over voters and the general public.


Companies are becoming more conscious and responsible about respecting and caring for the environment. It is crucial to encourage good habits among the employees in times of environmental crisis.

Start by encouraging recycling, encouraging respect for the environment through your social networks, and taking part in talks about the topic.

Virtual Collaboration

It is now possible to collaborate remotely, via virtual teams. We must be flexible and always strive to be the best we can. How can we do this? It’s being present, available, focused, and active in our activity.

As the leader of a virtual group, you should encourage your team members to participate in decision-making and feel connected to the group’s goals.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your virtual team.

I carefully selected my members: Not everyone is ready to work remotely, so it was important to know how to select people who are willing to work in this mode.

Designate a leader for your team: A leader is needed to coordinate all work.

Clear goals: This group should have clear goals, just like a traditional work team. They should be clear and have a time.

I set the basic norms: Everyone must be able to clearly define processes and norms in order to work efficiently and effectively.

Choose the right support technology: There are many platforms that allow us to work remotely, making it easier for our day-to-day work. Skype, Gmail Drive and Intercom are just a few examples.

Regular meetings: If possible, it is a good idea to hold virtual and face-toface meetings. This will allow for better communication and help with keeping track of group work.

Innovative, adaptable and critical thinking

A machine can’t replace critical thinking. This is what we need to be able to do when we face decisions that are difficult. We all need to be able to think outside the box, adapt to new situations and invent. Collaboration with ideas that add up will be possible only if we are able to be critical.

You can learn to reflect and identify problems before they impact your team’s performance or people. Consider where the group is going or where they want to go within the context. The reason you are doing the task, the why. Routine should be your enemy number one.

Intercultural competence

Globalization means that we will need to not only be fluent in multiple languages but also be able work in diverse cultural settings. This is why we have to adapt to new situations and contexts.

These diverse environments can be made more harmonious by finding common points (objectives and priorities, values, etc.). We can create solid relationships and work well as a team in these diverse environments.

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