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How To Answer The Question Why Do You Want To Work For Us

“Why would you like to work with us?” This question is a common one that comes up in all interviews. There are four possible answers, but this one is the best. Chris McGoff, author of “The Art of Managing,” discusses the best way to answer the most important question you get in job interviews.

Answer no. 1

“I heard that work can be challenging, and that your company invests in training your employees.”

What I heard: This candidate is happy to be given a difficult task. He wants us to invest more in his growth.

Answer no. 2

“I heard about your positive corporate culture and great team.”

What I heard: The candidate wants me make sure his coworkers are people he values and who want to be part the corporate culture he admires.

Answer no. 3

“I see your company growing and providing many opportunities for growth.”

What I hear: The candidate wants to be able to move up in the company.

These are just a few examples of responses, but they represent the majority of responses I get from people. The candidate basically explains what they expect to get in return for this job.

Sometimes, I find that one special interview. It is a rare and beautiful moment when I am grateful to be able to devote myself to it.

Answer no. 4 (the perfect answer).

“It’s quite simple. I’ve read about your vision and mission. I’ve researched your company and you on social media. I have researched you and your company on social media. I believe I can say four things. I would like to confirm that I am correct.

Here is where preparation and research will help a candidate stand out among the rest. Candidates need to demonstrate their understanding of the following:

  • What the company is trying achieve.
  • This makes it more difficult.
  • This job is important for both the company and the interviewer.
  • There are specific ways that the company can help achieve its mission.

Interviewers can tell when a candidate answers this question that he isn’t here to take advantage of me. He’s done his research and offers me something no other candidate has.

Answer number four is the reason I believe that this candidate is a good choice.

  • Strong communication skills.
  • Diligent. Your creativity and hard work have helped me understand my situation.
  • At the very least, you should be familiar with social media basics.
  • It actively manages a network that includes professionals.
  • Learn more about my business, my goals, and my vision.
  • He knows what is at stake in the event of our failure and the opportunities that await us when we succeed.
  • Understanding what is difficult for you.

I have been convinced by you that you are capable of achieving my goals.

Answer number 4 is the answer. I believe we have some common values such as:

We are employees. We introduce ourselves to the business and do what it asks. It is not always what we want to do.

Instead of making the company convert, we do what they need.

The employees are here to help the business, and the business is here for the customers. If everything goes according to plan, we will be rewarded.

When interviewing candidates, make sure that the candidate’s answer matches the fourth. If you’re the candidate for a job and you do not know the answer, then do your research and answer the question “Why would you like to work here?” Follow the example of answer 4 and pay attention when an interviewer asks you “What salary are you looking for and when can I start?”

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