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The New Instagram Business Tools To Boost Your Business

You probably already have an Instagram conversation strategy. It is the most popular platform for businesses looking to connect with their customers. In 2021, it is important to have a company profile and manage effective communication about your products or services on Instagram.

You need a lot information to plan your strategy. This includes the latest statistics and tools from this social network. Learn more about the new Instagram Business features.

Statistics on the growth of followers: Now you can see which content has been shared by your brand and how many people have followed it. You can also track the growth of your community over time by viewing it by day and week. To do so, go to Statistics / Audience.

IGTV is now more accessible than ever. If the IGTV icon doesn’t appear on your Instagram homepage, it’s not because the option to upload videos has been removed. You can now upload longer videos more easily. You can choose the long video you wish to share by going to your feed and instagram will offer you two options: upload it to IGTV, or to cut it to upload directly to your feed.

Stories about your brand in stories: As you will already have noticed, in the Activity section, the stories that mention your brand in the past 24 hours are highlighted. These stories are organized so you can easily see them at top of your notifications and reply when you like.

Additional age restrictions: Instagram already allows you to set the minimum age for users who view your profile or see your posts. These ages can be customized by country to comply with local policies. Go to Configuration/Companies / Minimum Age.

A new secondary inbox has been added to the messages section. It is called “General” and it contains a number of messages. You can use your finger to highlight messages that you are still chatting in. You should make sure you check both tabs every day and that nothing goes wrong.

Configuration of the display and content of your profile: You can now control what information is displayed. Click on Edit profile/Profile view to do this.

You need to ensure that your company has a properly configured account. Your team also needs to know all data it can access through the same tool. These settings and metrics will help you optimize your content and get better results.

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