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Hi, I’m Matisse Paulo from Birmingham, Alabama and welcome to our business news blog.

Let me provide you with a quick overview of how we came to be as a business news publication website. As a result of Covid-19 wiping out my business in 2020, I established Asia Biz Blog. With business roots across Asia, this website was initially set out to be a blog dedicated to business across the Asian continent, hence the domain name. Since then, the outlook has expanded worldwide and now includes anything in the business world that is newsworthy.

I have increased the business for the firms I have worked for in the past. With the launch of this site, I have achieved and created a platform and source to raise the visibility of my own enterprise as well as others and to bring local entrepreneurial and business news to have an online presence and in doing so, raise business profiles.

We are a small company dedicated to bringing business news stories, tips and advice online. We provide an online business information portal that is here to assist B2B become visible in the search engines as well as raising the online visibility of local business news stories.

We welcome businesses to contact us if they would like to be featured here on our site.

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